VLW-X, Vertical Strain Relief

The VLW-X series of Vertical “V” clamps consist of a welded steel housing and two polyurethane wedges.

This clamp is designed for use in vertical mine shafts and other applications where the cable itself applies a constant directional tension.


The welded steel housing has two main components; the body and a cross latch which ensures that the cable tension does not cause the steel body to deform. The body is installed on mine shaft timbers and the cable trained into the cavity. Once all cable clamps and the cable are in place, the polyurethane wedges are inserted around the cable and driven into place. The main cable clamp restraint is loosened and the cable allowed to settle into the distributed cable “V” cable clamps

The clamp eliminates all other forms of vertical support. Each body and wedge assembly is designed for a small range of cable diameters. This ensures the used that a particular cable is supported within the closing tolerances. Other uses may be vertical pole drops in mine and utility applications, the support of vertical pipe runs or horizontal cable runs where cable tension is reasonably constant.

VXW-X Vertical Strain Relief Clamp Product Data Sheet 2021

Ordering Information, By Cable Diameter

Use the chart below to choose the correct part number to match your cable diameter.

Catalogue No. Nom.Diam. ±0.125”
V6W-A 0.750"
V6W-B 1.000"
V6W-C 1.250"
V9W-D 1.500"
V9W-E 1.750"
V9W-F 2.000"
V9W-G 2.250"
V12W-H 2.500"
V12W-J 2.750"
V12W-K 3.000"
V12W-L 3.250"
V12W-M 3.500"


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