Cable Handling Hooksticks


Mine Cable Services Cable Handling Hooksticks are designed for use in the mining industry as a method of handling energized electrical cable supplying draglines, shovels, drills, and other minesite equipment. A lightweight design offered with a variety of hook styles, fiberglass insulated shaft at varying lengths, and handle options allows you to create the Hookstick model that is most preferable for your application. Each Cable Handling Hookstick is tested to 60kV DC prior to shipping, and is suitable for use with cables ranging from 600V up to 25kV.

Available product options:

  • Single hooks available in 3” or 4” diameter
  • Double reversing hook available in 3-1/2” wide or 4-1/2” wide
  • Double reversing flat hook for better handling of flat cable up to 2” wide where a round hook is not applicable
  • Standard molded D-handle
  • Manufactured T-handle with grips for two handed operation
  • Fiberglass shafts available in 24”, 36”, or 48” length

How to order MCS Cable Handling Hooksticks:


Ordering Example:

To request a double reversing Cable Handling Hookstick, with 4-1/2” wide hook spacing, 36” length shaft and T-handle,
the part number is: CHS-2-450-36-T

Hookstick Product Data Sheet

Recommended Accessories:


Cable Hookstick Storage Bag: Provides protection for the fiberglass insulated shaft during storage or transport around your operation. Available in lengths to suit 24-60” Cable Handling Hooksticks


Hookstick/Hotstick cleaning wipes: Removes grease, dirt, grime from the Hookstick shaft while applying a water repellant film to help prolongs the life of your Hooksticks


Electrical Hot Gloves: An additional safety measure to be worn while handling live cable with Cable Handling Hooksticks of all styles

Cable Handling Hookstick Product Data Sheet 2021


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