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Mine Cable Services
Corporation (MCS)

Mine Cable Services Corporation (MCS) has been a ONE STOP SHOP for more than 25 years in the mining, oil & gas, and container port industries, in addition to servicing various tunnel boring operations and forestry crane operations. Providing a variety of products for high voltage electrical mining cable including cable couplers and junction boxes from 5kV to 25kV, MCS has designed and manufactured complete electrical connection systems in service around the world today.

In addition to electrical cable and cable couplers, MCS manufactures and distributes vulcanizing cable repair equipment, repair materials and supplies. Offering electrical and hydraulic vulcanizing equipment, MCS provides complete on-site cable repair training for your operation, as well as emergency on site cable repair services based out of our Edmonton, Alberta office. MCS will also work with your Operations Group through an on-site system evaluation to help assess your needs in regards to cable handling and preventative maintenance programs.

Our line of electrical cable handling equipment includes cable reelers, portable cable repair buildings, cable stands, cable strain relief clamps, junction boxes with posiclamp connections, and cable crossover mats. MCS also provides aerial road crossing support systems, including cable safety locks (rope brakes) and cable handling grabs designed to assist in lifting and supporting your cable over the crossover point. A variety of must have cable handling accessories round out our line of cable related products including wire balls, heavy duty and light duty rocking horse skids, cable handling hooksticks and cable “S” hooks.

Our rental department offers a variety of Portable Rim Drive Cable Reelers with either electric or hydraulic power packs and engineer certified spindles, fully adjustable to meet the requirements of your operation.

Our 15,000 square foot manufacturing facility includes in-house design capabilities, 3D solid modeling and CAM programming. Our extensive on-site machine shop, silver plating, and fabrication facilities ensure we have complete control of our manufacturing operation under one roof from concept to finished product. Whether it is a special cable handling skid, cable reeler, junction box, or portable cable repair building, MCS aims to supply your perfect solution for your operation’s needs.


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    Mine Cable Services supports the following markets either
    through our network of distributors or directly with our head office:

    Canada Canada
    Mexico Mexico
    Brazil Brazil
    Columbia Columbia
    Chile Chile
    South-Africa South Africa
    Egypt Egypt
    India India
    The-Bahamas The Bahamas
    Mongolia Mongolia
    Peru Peru
    China China
    Australia Australia
    Turkey Turkey
    Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
    Finland Finland
    Zambia Zambia
    Indonesia Indonesia


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