Cable Safety Lock


Forming part of the Mine Cable Services cable crossover system, the Cable Safety Lock is a safety device necessity to assist mine site personnel in hoisting the strain relief and cable to the top position of cable towers at road crossing points. Heavy Duty steel construction and automatic braking / locking mechanism have provided dependable operation in the field for over 25 years and has now been redesigned and undergone rigorous testing for formal certification of tension limits.

Designed to weld or bolt directly onto to your cable towers. The rear hinge freely pivots 180° left to right to accommodate movement in the rope’s direction during hoisting and lowering operations.

Certified tested to hold a load of 2000 lbs ( FOS x 3) when installed correctly, with the appropriately sized hoisting rope.

Additional Information:

Recommended Rope specifications: 7/8” – 1” diameter fiber rope – Cotton / Nylon / Polyester. Rope requirements will vary according to mine site conditions*

Overall Cable Safety Lock Weight & Dimensions:

Use the chart below to choose the correct part number to match your cable diameter.

Cable Safety Lock Product Data Sheet


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