Strain Relief

Cable Strain Relief Clamps

Mine Cable Services Cable Strain Relief Clamps are designed to reduce the direct strain imposed on electrical cable during normal minesite operations. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate cable diameters ranging from 0.625” to 4.375”.

Advantages of Strain Relief Clamps:

  • Split construction design allows for installation on cables already in service
  • Rubber body or inserts cushions the cable while providing a grip to prevent slippage.
  • No steel components come in direct contact with the electrical cable, reducing potential cuts or damage to the electrical cable’s outer protective jacket
  • Safety and effectively replaces other methods of restraining or towing cable such as wire mesh tow grips, ropes, or cargo strapping, all of which can lead to cable overbending, or jacket damage.
  • Strain relief clamps are available for securing electrical cable in place while in operation, handling or moving cable around a site, or suspending cable in vertical application.

Please see below for more information on each type of Strain Relief product manufactured or offered by Mine Cable Services


PLW-X, Arrowhead Strain Relief Clamp

Made from a rubber molded body, sized specifically to your electrical cable diameter. Three points of clamping contact and strong wire rope help ensure your cable is not subjected to excess strain or stretching once installed.

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PRW-X, Football Strain Relief Clamp

Our most popular model of strain relief clamp, made from a rubber molded body, sized specifically to your electrical cable diameter. Three points of clamping contact and strong cargo strapping allows for bi-directional strain relief.

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VLW-X, Vertical Strain Relief Clamp

Used in vertical cable applications, primarily down hole, this strain relief provides strain relief through gravity as the cable seats into rubber liners designed for a variety of cable diameters

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F14W-X, Stinger Strain Relief Clamp

Used in fixed, horizontal cable clamping applications, the steel outer body is intended for mounting or welding into permanent position on a shovel stinger, or similar. Interchangeable, specifically sized rubber liners provide secure clamping for a variety of cable diameters.

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WCSS-XX, Wrap Around Cable Support Sleeve

A permanent, slim bodied anchor point applied to an electrical cable, this heat shrink strain relief with steel ring and woven strap is convenient when securing cables to cable reels for transport, or as a secondary strain relief if the field.

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PHW-X, Torpedo Strain Relief Clamp

Used in combination with the MCS Wire Ball Assembly, this rubber bodied strain relief is designed to help temporarily suspend cables in the air during a repositioning, preventing your electrical cable from overbending and causing internal damage.

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Cable Grabs – Dragging Only

These robust aluminum body Cable Grabs are designed to cradle cable in a gradual arch and provide strain relief during repositioning by dragging on your operation’s site.

Available in a variety of cable diameters.

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