Cable Grabs

Cable Handling Grabs for Dragging Application

cable grabs dragging
cable Handling grabs dragging

Cable Handling Grabs are designed for manual cable relocation while providing strain relief and protection from overbending trailing cable by maintaining minimum bend radius. Designed for a variety of cable diameter ranges, the strong, simple, lightweight design of the Cable Grab attaches to cable easily by placing overtop of cable on the ground and automatically closes securely around the cable when it is moved. The use of Cable Handling Grabs for cable relocation avoids excess tension or tangling of cables often encountered when using slings, and reduces the potential for cable damage and equipment down time.

Cable Handling Grabs Dragging

cable grab dimensions
Part Number:Bend Radius (A):Cable Diameter Range (B):
CHG400/45/D400mm45mm (1.75” approx.)
CHG400/50/D400mm50mm (2.00” approx.)
CHG400/60/D400mm60mm (2.375” approx.)
CHG450/65/D450mm65mm (2.50” approx.)
CHG450/70/D450mm70mm (2.75” approx.)
CHG450/75/D450mm75mm (2.95” approx.)
CHG500/80/D500mm80mm (3.125” approx.)
CHG500/90/D500mm90mm (3.50” approx.)
CHG500/115/D500mm115mm (4.50” approx.)
CHG600/90/D600mm90mm (3.50” approx.)
CHG600/100/D600mm100mm (3.90” approx.)
CHG600/110/D600mm110mm (4.375” approx.)
CHG600/115/D600mm115mm (4.50” approx.)
CHG700/120/D700mm120mm (4.75” approx.)

Cable Handling Grabs & Relocation Rollers are designed, developed, & manufactured by Cable Handling Services Australia, and supplied under exclusive distribution through Mine Cable Services Corporation.


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